Who We Are

Cloud Peak Project, Inc. is a not for profit corporation founded by Franklin Douglas, an attorney in New York. With Cloud Peak Project, Frank changes students lives by helping them reach and exceed their potential.  He is the CEO.  Cloud Peak Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity.

Sally Petrick, CPA, serves as Treasurer and CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

David Dosamantes serves as the Secretary of the Corporation.

Frank Douglas, English teacher Bill Friedman, editor Christine Mann and research library director Eric Wakin serve as mentors for students from low-income families who are applying to college.  Mentors in 2015 also included business owner and writer Paul Downs;  librarian Laurie Needell;  Karen Van Dusen, who has helped breathe life into Cloud Peak Project from the beginning; teacher, writer and scientist Dr. Allan Dyen-Shapiro, who is also a in-school mentor; and former teacher Dawn Kleeschulte.

Special thanks to Anna Jordan and Mark Golden for producing our recently completed video project.

Board of Directors:

The Cloud Peak Project, Inc. Board of Directors is chaired by Frank Douglas, and the other members are David Dosamantes, New York, NY; Laurie Metz, Ft. Myers, Florida; Kevin Mann, Richmond, California; and Eric Wakin, Palo Alto, California.

Special thanks to these extraordinarily caring educators:

From Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, New York:  Ms. Meredith Kelly, college counselor, Mr. Edward Rubinchuk, Assistant Principal, Ms. Renee Schoenfeld, college counselor (ret.), Mr. John Xavier, Assistant Principal for Guidance

From Dunbar High School, Fort Myers, Florida:  Mrs. Laurie Metz, science teacher; and teachers Mrs. Denise Cathryn Spence and Mr. Dan Trembley, and math teachers Mr. Frank and Mr. Philip Savage; guidance counselors Mrs. Heather Davis, Mrs. Deedra Rosa, Mr. Kurtis Terry, and Mrs. Melody Madigan, (ret.), and Principal Carl Burnside.

From Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn, NY:  Donna Turturro, guidance counselor

From Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, Florida:
Mrs. Melody Galka, science teacher; Mrs. Jan Klein, creative writing teacher (retired),  Mrs. Susan Shoemaker (dec.), guidance counselor at Island Coast, helped inspire Cloud Peak Project in 2009, and we thank her.

From Lehigh High School, Lehigh Acres, Florida: guidance counselors Mrs. Claire Forester and Mrs. Jaclyn Golia

From Palm Beach Gardens Community High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: guidance counselor Stephanie Brush.

From Park Vista Community High School, Lake Worth, Florida:  Dr. Jennifer Kalish, science teacher; guidance counselor Mrs. Mary Turner.

From High School High Scholar (HS2), a program of the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Carbondale, Colorado: Director, Ms. Cindy Blachly.

From The Immokalee Foundation, Immokalee, Florida:  manager, Mrs. Elda Hernandez, Career Development Program


From Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, NY

Dr. Miriam Merad, MD, PhD, Professor and Principal Investigator,  Dr. Helen Salmon, postdoctoral fellow, and Dr. Georgie Hodes, postdoctoral fellow.

About the Cloud Peak Name

Cloud Peak is the highest peak in the Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming, rising to 4013 meters or 13,167 feet.  It’s a beautiful mountain and a beautiful name.

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