Who We Serve

Cloud Peak Project, Inc. works to build cooperative teams with teachers, guidance counselors and administrators in high schools that serve low income students.

We are particularly interested in working with students who are “doubly disadvantaged:” the student’s family is low-income, and the high school primarily serves low-income students.  We work primarily with Title I high schools that serve high percentages of students from low-income families, and we are expanding to serve new high schools.  Teachers, guidance counselors or high school administrators should contact us by email at franklin.douglas@cloudpeak.org.

Together with teachers and guidance counselors, we identify high school juniors who can thrive at a selective private college, or flagship state university.  Students might otherwise attend a local college, or a two year college due to financial constraints, or not go to college at all.

Students complete a Cloud Peak application, which is then evaluated.  Students then have a telephone conversation with a Cloud Peak mentor to make sure they understand the goals of the process and that they are a good match. Parents are also invited to talk with us to make sure they want their student to participate.

Cloud Peak Project’s application process is designed to select students who will thrive in highly challenging academic environments.

Our goal is for each Cloud Peak Fellow to attend an excellent private college or state university with financial aid that makes their education affordable.

Cloud Peak helps students from all backgrounds.  We are not limited to minority students, although we encourage applications from minority students.  We strongly support diversity, including economic diversity.  We serve students of any race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.  Students must however be citizens of the United States or permanent residents of the United States (i.e. hold a valid, current green card).

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