Teacher Laurie Metz from Dunbar HS in Fort Myers, FL Joins Cloud Peak Project Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce that Laurie Metz has joined the Board of Directors of Cloud Peak Project, Inc.

Laurie teaches Principles of the Biomedical Sciences and Human Body Systems at Dunbar High School, a Title 1 school in Fort Myers, Florida.  Laurie was a registered nurse before becoming a teacher, and also recently became licensed as an electrocardiogram technician.

Laurie has been named Lee County Subject Area teacher of the year in biology in 2007, and for AVID in 2014.  She was a Golden Apple award finalist in 2011 and 2012.

With Cloud Peak Project, Laurie also serves as an in-school mentor at Dunbar for outstanding students from low-income families who are applying to college.  She tells us that the most important teaching award she has received was the thanks that 2014 Cloud Peak Fellow Jonathan Amezquita gave her in his Commencement Address at Dunbar graduation in spring 2014.

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