“The college application process lasts just a few months, and going to a great college changes a student’s life.  Getting into the right college is a fulcrum and Cloud Peak Project is the lever.”

Cloud Peak Project, Inc. changes lives by helping outstanding students who have overcome hardship get into and thrive at selective colleges and universities.

Cloud Peak Project helps excellent high school students from low and moderate income families who are applying to college.  Cloud Peak Project guides and assists the student during every step of the college application process.  Our goal is for each student to attend a selective private college or university, or an outstanding state university, with financial aid that makes his or her education affordable, and for each student to graduate in four years.

Cloud Peak Project levels the playing field by providing a program that helps outstanding students succeed in the college application process.

Cloud Peak Project is supported by contributions and the work of volunteers.  Cloud Peak Project does not charge fees of any kind, and does not solicit contributions or payments from students receiving services.

Cloud Peak Project helps students apply to colleges and universities that have need-blind admissions policies, and that meet the full demonstrated financial need of the students they admit.  Cloud Peak Project focuses on colleges and universities that encourage diversity, including economic diversity, and enroll students from diverse backgrounds.  Cloud Peak Project is open to students from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds — Cloud Peak Fellows are united by potential, excellent high school performance, desire to succeed, and their willingness to work hard.

Once a student becomes a Cloud Peak Fellow, we assign one staff member to provide individualized assistance.  Typically we work over the phone and by email. Our assistance is tailored to the individual student.

Cloud Peak Project, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt public charity.

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